Sonya Hussyn: The Actress on a Mission to Educate Viewers with Meaningful Storytelling

Sonya Hussyn has time and again proved her acting prowess. Give her any role; she will perform it with the required dedication and conviction. She’s one of those intelligent actors who have the knack of smelling a good script that not only brings entertainment value but creates awareness amongst the viewers. Be it Ishq Zahe Naseeb that highlighted dissociative identity disorder or Saraab that created awareness about Schizophrenia. Every character she plays on screen has been distinctive yet challenging. Hussyn’s seriousness towards her craft can be seen in the choices she makes.

The actress is all set to educate viewers via meaningful storytelling in her upcoming drama serial ‘Jinhey Rastey Mai Khabar Hoi’. The project narrates the story of the bitter realities faced by women who aim to pursue a career rather than an early marriage.

In a recent interview, Sonya revealed details about the premise and said, “The story is about a woman’s success and ambition not taken in good stride within our society. It will make you think — why is a woman exploring her potential in her professional life looked down upon? Why is a working woman the one rejected when considered for marriage? How long should young girls limit their true professional potential just to be accepted in marriage?”



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She further added, “Topics like these are rarely explored and that is what I found charming about [the script]. It’s very common for girls to be forced into getting married and told to pursue their careers after marriage. But after getting wed, circumstances for women change so drastically, it is not the same for men.”

Well, we are surely looking forward to ‘Jinhey Rastey Mai Khabar Hoi’. Besides, Sonya has an interesting lineup of projects that includes a cop drama titled SP Sara Sikanar. Her filmography included Tich Button that releases in October. She will also be seen as a boxer in Abu Aleeha’s Daadal.

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