Song Review: Karam! A Tremendously Soulful Track


When Ustad Hamid Ali Khan sings, it is the sounds of the universe that soar out of his throat. His latest outing ‘Karam’ is food for the spirit, and as the song progresses it creeps into every fiber of your being until it fills your soul. His voice makes the world go round, and the strings that Wali Hamid Ali Khan plucks so masterfully are the axis around which it spins. The enchanting track ‘Karam’ is a collaboration of Ustad Hamid Ali Khan and his sons RAGA BOYZ BAND.


raga boys

The essence of ‘Karam is about love and pining. The main line of the song “Karam Karo Mope” explores the inner vulnerabilities and emotions of such situations. It will surely tug the heartstrings of those who have been through it. It is heart wrenching while listening, yet entertaining at the same time. The music is soulful and the beats are catchy; the lyrics especially keep you hooked. The USP of the track is the perfect blend of Ustad Hamid’s soulful Sufi kalam with Sufi rock Raga Boyz Band. It’s a breath of fresh air for avid music lovers who always seek for a new song to hook onto.



The orchestration is amazing in its cadences as it swerves from one note to other with totally surprising notes. The song itself is bliss, with guitar and tabla providing a taste of the age. It starts slowly and gradually picks up the pace. The song has a strong masculine tone to it, both in terms of vocals and the intense composition. The effortless vocals are well backed up by a heavy male chorus in the background that changes tempo and enables the listener to feel the true depth of the words. Melodious and rhythmic, it has an unusual edge to it. There is a certain pain in Wali’s voice that complements the situation that the lead pair find themselves around love and agony.




Credit should be mentioned for the director Humza Yousaf who has beautifully shot the song. The colorful locales, breathtaking visuals and the magnificent camera angles are just on point. The chemistry between Wali and Nimra looks real. Khan not only looks stunning but emotes a gamut of emotions through her beautiful eyes. Also, the styling by Waleed Nadeem is perfect.


If you are a fan of soulful numbers then ‘Karam’ is totally for you. Call it emotionally driven or a cry from a lost soul, the emotions in this one will load your heart heavy. Overall, the song is a clear winner and one which you must check out if you haven’t yet done so!




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