‘Siyani’: Daily Soap OR Daily Dose of Flashbacks?


In a country like Pakistan where drama is one of the main pillars of the showbiz industry, it takes us by surprise that how can big channels and production houses tend to take viewers for granted. How? By producing mediocre content one after the other. A 7th Sky Production, Siyani begin to air on September 5. The show airs new episodes seven days a week which means from this very moment we write this article, Siyani has completed airing its 67th episode.

A Quick Recap

Siyani started on a decent note, an interesting story about a selfish girl who seeks to change her status by eying rich boys. She finally succeeds to fool a rich guy and marry him. The narrative of the drama revolves around this one character and how everyone individual in the house gets affected because of her.

The Drag Formula

With time, Siyani lost its charm due to excessive recaps, and long flashbacks to complete a 40-minute-long episode every day. The reason of stretching is evident that the writer is short of content and the director has to add on unnecessary flashbacks and sound montages. Resultantly the drama is eventually losing viewer’s loyalty. Seems as if makers have found a new drag formula i.e. 10 minutes of recap + 20 minutes of flashbacks and 10 minutes of the actual episode = a brand new 40 minutes episode is ready.

Viewers Reaction

We read some of the comments on YouTube and were not at all surprised to witness the annoyed reaction of viewers.




Summing it up

Siyani is now on the verge of wrapping up, but we doubt because every day a new Pandora box is opened and resolved the next day. If this gimmick by the makers continues, we wonder Siyani could score a century. For avid drama viewers, the silver lining is surely the daily dose of content every day, but with time viewers have matured, and once can’t fool them with such shallow content.

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