Shocking! Maria B Couture Collection Sold-Out Only At The Cost Of Blatantly Disrespecting Graveyard! 

Maria B

Maria B isn’t new to controversies, it seems as if she has one for every season. But this time around it’s the baap of her controversies. The designer made a big bobo as she shot her recent couture campaign at the private ancestral graveyard of the Abbasi family in Bahawalpur. Yes, you read it right.

Check out the campaign first.

Maria B Under Fire

Things became worse for the designer when a member of the Abbasi family, the ruling Nawab family of Bahawalpur, came forward and called out Maria B for allegedly conducting a photo shoot in their ancestral graveyard without permission.

Maria B

A user namely Chang Khan (CK) took screenshots from Maria B’s latest promotion campaign, highlighting one of the models dancing on the gravestones of their ancestors.

Maria B

Maria B Issued Public Apology

Maria B

The brand later released an apology on its social media handles and took “immediate action by removing” all relevant content from its page, and the heat against the couturier continued online.  Her post read, “to all those who were understandably distressed” by the “unfortunate incident.” “The recent shoot for our brand was planned and executed by a production house with the concept of showing our magnificent cultural heritage in Bahawalpur,” read the statement. “The shoot was edited and published without any prior knowledge about the significance and sanctity of the site.”

 Maria B’s Double Standards

Desi Liberals Maria B

The designer yet again made a blunder by calling out the people who rightfully criticized her for the unethical shoot. What was the point of being so arrogant after a public apology? She shared a screenshot of a friend’s Instagram Story, which said all “Pakistanis stand with Maria,” and showed the sold-out outfits in Maria B’s latest collection. “Thank you, my friend! Indeed Allah is our Raziq and it kills liberals to see us successful women at Maria B producing sold-out collections. Alhamdulillah.”

Final Word

Dear Maria B, selling your collection at the cost of blatantly disrespecting graveyards isn’t a proud moment. It’s a shame. It’s hard to believe that you and your team were so ignorant and uninformed to do such a thing. Instead of shaming people and tagging them with cheap terms, do your homework correctly and stop seeking cheap publicity.

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