Sharmila Faruqi approaches FIA Cybercrime: Files complaint against Nadia Khan for mocking her mother

Nadia Khan is a well-known name who has appeared in morning shows and television dramas. She is known for her roles in drama serials ‘Bandhan’, ‘Des Pardes’ and ‘Aisi Hai Tanhai’. 

The morning show host recently got herself into trouble when she made a video with Anisa Faruqi complimenting her makeup and sense of style. This didn’t go well with daughter Sharmila Faruqi, the (PPP leader) termed it as mockery and filed an official complaint to FIA Cybercrime head office today.


The Controversial video


The video shared by Instagram page Centre Stage became viral within no time.



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A post shared by Centre Stage (@centrestage__)

It lead to Sharmila comment on the video, “She’s a shameless woman, I’m reporting her to cybercrime officially.”


FIA Cybercrime


 Miffed Sharmila


Faruqi was in no mood to spare Nadia. On (Thursday) she took to her Instagram AGAIN and wrote an elaborate note about the façade. She also thanked fans and followers who supported her. She wrote, “I, for one will never sit back and allow any person to ridicule/mock any woman may it be my mother or yours. It’s unfortunate to see a woman gibe at another woman, that too an elderly lady who lost her husband 95 days ago. I will be personally going and filing the complaint at the FIA cyber-Crime head office at 3pm today.”

FIA Cybercrime

Filing Official Complain


Sharmila posted a picture of herself at the FIA office at around 5pm, filing the complaint against Khan.


Final Word


Apparently, the video had nothing rude to say directly, but the intentions were fishy for sure. If you don’t like Anisa’s dressing and make-up style, it’s fine. But no one has given you the right to make a mockery out of it and that too in public.  It’s 2022, and we feel it’s time that women like Nadia Khan should be put in place and held accountable for such cheap gimmicks.

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