Shaan Shahid Says “Zarrar is Pakistan’s First Brand Of Spy Thrillers Genre” 


Zarrar marks the long-awaited comeback of one of Pakistan’s most notable actor Shaan Shahid. The film was scheduled for a theatrical release on August 14 a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, the world came to a close due to the pandemic. The film is now ready to enthrall the audience on November 25. It follows the journey of Shaan as the protagonist, with Nadeem Baig, Adnan Butt, Nayyar Ejaz, and Kiran Malik in important roles.

The film is based on the themes of nationalism and patriotism, wrapped with quality entertainment, “Zarrar depicts the stories of our true heroes and warriors who defend Pakistan on a daily basis, but their stories remain untold and don’t come across at the forefront. The west has its brands like James Bond and Mission Impossible in which eighty percent of the narratives are fictional. Zarrar is Pakistan’s first brand of the spy thriller genre, it is an individual-free film that showcases the threats, political and economic instability and how our enemy countries create fake propaganda against Pakistan. We have incorporated actual missions, how do we defend ourselves and how far we are ready to go when getting the opportunity, said Shaan in an exclusive interview.

As a writer, he believes, “I feel we should have the right to narrate our own stories for the audiences to know what real storytelling looks like. It’s high time that the western world should realize that 80% of the problems of the east are actually of the west. To convey the real picture on celluloid, we had to match up our quality and standard of work with them. I am thankful to my producer Owais Rauf who gave me the freedom to materialize the script and create a visually stunning product.

When asked if Zarrar would enter the prestigious 100 crore club, “My father used to say earn respect, wealth will follow automatically. One can earn money by launching housing society projects too (smiles). Allah has chosen me for this project, and I have put in my all effort to make it as good as possible.”

On the question about Zarrar being a befitting reply to India’s fake propaganda against Pakistan, “The film industry of India has been taken over by the BJP political party. If you analyze their scripts and narratives are based on showing us as militants, and will continue doing it  for the next 100 years. Their films have become victims of their propaganda and that is why their entertainment and star value is going downhill.”

On multitasking Zarrar as an actor, writer and director, “I managed to do multi-tasking like all our politicians do (chuckles). Unfortunately, we don’t have many platforms in Pakistan, but still, I had a good team by my side. From my cameraman, light man, technicians, assistants and editors, they all helped in achieving what I had envisioned for Zarrar.”

Watch the trailer of Zarrar here:

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