Savour a Spiritual Musical Experience with Ali Zafar’s ‘Maula’

Actor, painter, humanitarian, singer, songwriter Ali Zafar is known for creating quality music that instantly connects with the viewers. Recently Zafar explored devotional music and released his first single titled Maula from his fourth album Husn. The track honoring Ramadan has gone on to be a huge hit in no time. It was released on April 2, 2022, and has garnered over 1 million views on YouTube and trends at #6 on music already. 




Speaking about the music video, Zafar said, “We all go through our journey and perceive life uniquely. For me, the most beautiful experience has been the path to unknown discovery which transcends beyond the realm created by our five senses that we perceive as “reality”.

He added,“Once on that journey, we begin to understand that there is something more to our existence. Where there are no agreements or disagreements, no conversation. Just music and silence.” 


The Teefa in Trouble actor concluded,“Light inside darkness. Something that can only be expressed through the language of music. And that is the beauty. The “HUSN”. 


Maula has been composed, arranged, and produced by Zafar himself. The lyrics have been penned by Kaamil Hyderabadi. It is directed by Waleed Akram, the music video is shot at the Sheesh Mahal at the Lahore Fort. The audio and visual treat shows the Jhoom singer and mystical dancers engrossed in Sufi whirling. For the unversed, Husn is released almost 11 years after 2011 album Jhoom. The singer will gradually be releasing more tracks from the album. 


Final Word


Scintillating, goosebumps-inducing stuff from Ali Zafar where it’s almost as if he is daring the listeners to get over the song without not getting affected. That’s still not happened and I have listened to Maula so many times that I have lost count. The electrifying number sends shivers down my spine.


Rating: 4/5 stars

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