Sang-e-Mah to Paristan: OSTs That Impressed Us In The First Half Of 2022

Pakistani dramas are loved and watched all around the world. Apart from the script, directions, and actors; one should never underestimate the presence of a melodious OST. There have many instances when a good OST has attracted viewers and pulled out emotions. Music has always been an important priority for production houses to rejuvenate viewers with musical treats one after the other. From romantic ballads, peppy numbers to heartbreaking anthems, let’s take a look at the best OSTs of 2022 so far.


One of the rare OSTs you like from the first hearing. Lose yourself into the magical voice of the legendary Atif Aslam. His voice is so sweet; it grows on you like a glass of chilled pina colada in scorching heat. Fatima Najeeb has penned the track and the words are simple yet outstanding. Sahir Ali Bagga is entrusted with the responsibility to compose the track. He spins his magic and oozes the mood created by the entire musical team.


Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is simply a magician; a soundtrack by him is a celebration. The essence of the classic track depicts the sad reality of patriarchy and misogyny in our society. It tugs the heartstrings of those who have been through it. The lyrics by Qamar Nashad are catchy and the music composed by Naveed Nashad is pleasing. It grows on you when you hear it multiple times.


Dobara ruled primetime with its strong premise and outstanding performances. We can’t overlook the beautiful impact its OST left upon us. The powerful duo Shuja Haider and Seher Gul Khan spun their magic to create this melodious number. The melody is stirred with powerful emotions. The lyrics by Imran Narmi & Shuja Haider made us fall in love with this heart-touching number.


 This is what you call a contemporary OST done right. In the voice of Pakistan’s youngest singing sensation Azaan Sami Khan, he brings to light his great vocals and a tuneful touch to the OST of Ishq-e-Laa. The wonderful OST is written by Asim Raza and composed by Azaan himself.


 It wouldn’t be fair to not include the OST of Amanat as the song gave us all the feels. Composed by the king of OSTs Naveed Nashad; he brings a modern twist to a very catchy tune. The melodious number crooned by Nabeel Shaukat and Aima Baig had great depth and meaning to it. The song gets you hooked more and more every time you listen to it.

Mere Humnasheen

Sung by Zeb Bangash, this song is simple and has minimal background synth. The singer’s voice is heartfelt and comes out even more prominent because of the poetic lyrics by Sabir Zafar. A must have track in your music players.

Sinf-e Ahan

 Asim Azhar score fulfills our expectations. Touching the pinnacle of sensitive melody, Sinf-e-Ahan is a soft patriotic number where the vocals by Asim Azhar depict the perfect synthesis of subtle melody. The lyrics by Hassan Ali, Ahsan Talishand Asim Azhar are startlingly brilliant. The OST is an adequately impressive one.

Mere Humsafar

Mere Humsafar has been dominating the prime time due to its engaging storyline and strong performances by Hania Aamir and Farhan Saeed. Just like the drama, the OST sung by Amanat Ali, Yashal Shahid and Zaheer Abaas has such a magical feel to it that one can’t help playing the number on a loop playback. A slow-paced number composed by Naveed Nashad encompasses the ingredients of a slow-moving, romantic track well. Lyricist Qamar Nashad lyrics never disappoint, all in all, a refreshingly soft romantic number for listeners to enjoy.


This is a new-age romantic track. Asim Azhardoes a good job behind the mic. The track takes you on a high with its meaningful lyrics by Qamar Nashad. Musically, the arrangement by Naveed Nashad is praiseworthy and keeps you clinging on till the end. It is a breath of fresh air for avid music lovers who always seek a new song to hook onto.

Which OST from this list is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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