What’s in Store: Take your Winter Fashion Game Higher with Sana Safinaz Muzlin Winter’21

Since its inception, Sana Safinaz has been challenging conventional rules of fashion and creating innovative eastern-wear for the modern Pakistan woman. This season again, Sana Safinaz has launched their ground-breaking Muzlin Winter 2021 collection.


Using the game-changing Muzlin fabric that is adored by women across the country and pairing it with gorgeous fabric combinations, Sana Safinaz has managed to breathe new life into Muzlin just in time for winters. Inspired by bold colors, and designs that represent the individuality of every woman. With 20 designs, and 40 colorways, this assortment and this collection is a reverence to each one of the women on their way to self-disclosure.


The gorgeous collection Sana Safinaz Muzlin Winter is available live now in-stores and online. Scroll down to have a look at our top picks.

 Outfit 1

Code: 15B | Price: Rs. 7,290 | 3 Piece


This Chinese-inspired ensemble is a must-have for the fall season. A Prussian blue look tastefully adorned with touches of magenta, ivory, and pink. With finely printed sleeves and a simple Prussian blue dyed base. Paired with jeans and a diagonal chatapati stripes shawl in gorgeous colors of magenta, moss green, Tyrian purple, and pop pink.

Sana Safinaz


Outfit 2

Code: 8A | Price: Rs.6,290 | 3 Piece


An opulent and eye-catching ensemble with Kashmiri and Mughal themes in macaroon cream and reds and oranges. This picturesque ensemble includes a Sozni-inspired embroidered neckline, a color blocking Kani shawl, and pants.


Sana Safinaz


Outfit 3

Code: 5B | Price: Rs. 6,290 | 3 Piece

A spectacular creation in gorgeous black and orange hues inspired by Sozni shawls, with a jade green fusion of Indian paisley and florals on neckline. This beautiful outfit also comes with pants and a Kani printed shawl to complete the look.


Sana Safinaz


Outfit 4

Code: 20B | Price: Rs. 6,290 | 3 Piece


This outfit in salamander orange, brick red, and cream is a fantastic blend of dip and dye, color blocking, and Bandhni with Moroccan artistry in caramel on the neckline. The style is complemented with pants and a Kani shawl that matches the shirt and is a must-have this season.

Sana Safinaz


Outfit 5

Code: 6A | Price: Rs.5,990 | 3 Piece


An attractive alabaster look with a mix of Turkish and Indian craftsmanship in Irish hues on the neckline. This stunning ensemble is complemented with pants and a Kani shawl in plum, iris, and cream, a fusion inspired by bleeded stripes and Bandhni.


Sana Safinaz

You can view the complete collection at



Campaign Credits

Art Direction: Mohsin Ali Tawasuli

Interior: Mohsin Ali Tawasuli

Styling: Soha Hafeez Sheikh

Photography: Zara Ali

Jewellery: Esfir Jewels



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