Rude Alert! Sana Javed slammed by models and Make up artists for Disrespectful Behavior

Stars always come with tons of secrets that rarely we can know unless they unveil themselves. An actor who can be good and well-behaved in front of the camera might be not the same in real life. Even though we don’t know what happens when the curtain closed, rumors are still rife about the true personalities of actors. It has even turned out to be a hotly discussed topic on social media.


Actor Sana Javed recently came under fire again for her rude and unprofessional behavior. So, what tantrums did she throw this time? Let’s have a rundown of who said what…

The Accusations


It all began when model Manal Saleem took to her Instagram story to ask her clients to not make her shoot with an actress ever again. She shared that she had an awful experience with an actress who called her a ‘do takkay ki model’.

Later on, she also shared a DM from another model who had a similar experience with said celebrity and revealed that the actress had told her that ‘these models would go to any lengths for fame’.

Sana Javed


The Industry Support


Makeup artists Ikram Gohar and Rhyan Thomas, along with stylist Anila Murtaza and models Mushk Kaleem and Mydah Raza stepped forward with more testimonials about the unpleasant working experiences with Sana Javed.


‘You are Unprofessional and Horrible. We are not’, wrote MUA Ikram Gohar.  Have a look at his detailed post

Sana Javed

MUA Rhyan Thomas wrote an elaborate note calling out Sana Javed.


Model Mushk Kaleem took to her Instagram stories to discuss how “this actress is notorious for being unpleasant on set.”

Sana Javed


Stylist Anila Murtaza also took to Instagram to endorse the above-said comments.

Sana Javed


This hasn’t been the first time Sana being called out. Last year, makeup artist Omayr Waqar took to social media to share about the bad working experience of working with her. Also, actress Azekah Daniyal had spoken about the rude and cold behavior of Sana Javed. She said, “Some people don’t think others to be worthy enough to be part of their photos and videos.”


So, what are your thoughts over Sana Javed’s rude behavior?  Let us know in the comment box!



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