Sadaf Kanwal’s successful marriage mantra irks so-called liberals and feminists!

sadaf kanwal

Sometimes I wonder, we are living in such a dangerous era that speaking your heart and mind lands you into trouble. Especially in this age of social media, the toxic culture of trolling and bashing in the name of top trending is a daily phenomenon to deal with. Recently, one of the most genuine and honest celebrity couples of Pakistan Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari spoke at length about their happy married life.


In her interview to ARY, Kanwal claimed women are not oppressed. “They’re very strong, I think I am very strong, and I’m sure you are too,” she told the interviewer.



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“Our husbands are our culture. I have married, I have to pick up his shoes, I will iron his clothes, which I don’t do, I do very little, but I know where Sherry’s clothes are. But I know where each thing of Sherry’s is. And I should know when Sherry has to eat, and what he is eating, because I am his wife,” she further added.


Because I am a woman. Sherry doesn’t have to know [this] about me. He should know, but I should know more. I believe this, because I’ve grown up seeing this.” I think this feminism that has arrived, these people are liberals. These days a lot of liberals have arrived. My thinking is that feminism [is] me taking care of a man, my husband and respecting him and doing whatever I can, whatever I have been taught.” Kanwal said.


Guess what, Kanwal faced backlash from all the nobody’s on the internet, the frustrated feminist and the so called liberals.


The Social Media Outburst



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The Supporters




In the light of Islam


I fail to understand one thing, who has given the license or authority to criticize her? Or are we getting so much indulged into these western agendas that God-forbid we have forgotten the teaching of Islam?


According to (Nisaai Sharif : Jild-2, Page-364 ) Prophet PBUH was once asked about the identification of pious woman? The Prophet PBUH said: The one who is obedient and loyal with her husband.


According to (Bukhari Sharif : Jild-1, Hadees-28, Page-109) Prophet PBUH said that, being ungrateful with your husband is a kind of Irreligiousness.


Final Word


Keeping the meme fest aside, being her true self and disclosing the rules of her successful married life, Sadaf was at her best! She was unapologetic and comes across as the easiest woman to talk to and we can get enough of the interview. You go, girl!


Watch the complete interview here:


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