Saba Qamar and Fahad Mustafa team up for Asim Azhar’s First Single!

Saba Qamar and Fahad Mustafa

Popular singer Asim Azhar is all set to release the first single of his first album. The singer who has made a name for himself on the basis of his sheer talent shared a teaser of the song and wrote, “Ladies and gentlemen, I have waited so long for this moment and finally my first single from my first album [will be] releasing very soon!”


The teaser comes across as intense and emotional with Saba Qamar and Fahad Mustafa bringing their A-game up.


People from the industry congratulated Azhar in the comment section

Saba Qamar and Fahad Mustafa nadia h Saba Qamar and Fahad Mustafa Saba Qamar and Fahad Mustafa

Asim also posted a reply underneath and spoke about the hardships he went through. “I always want to be recognised with my work and that is what I’ll always try to do. No matter how far people go with their actions, or try to stir up controversy to gain some attention. For me, my work will always come first. We exist because of the work, your love exists because of the work. With that being said, we have put in a lot of hard work, blood and sweat into this. and I really hope you all enjoy it as much. Love you!”


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