Upcoming star Rushna Khan makes strong debut in drama “Mohabbat Chordi meine”

Rushna Khan

Rushna Khan is one of our top picks amid the slew of newcomers on the cinema these days.

With her exceptional acting skills and striking features, Rushna Khan appears to be finding her way into our top favourites among the numerous new talents now emerging on-screen.

Rushna Khan began her acting career in 2019 with her first role in the drama series ‘Tera Yahan Koi Nahin,’ alongside Farhan Ali Agha. Prior to entering the film profession, the actress worked as a flight attendant for Emirates Airline, where she travelled to over 60 places across the world.

Rushna Khan

After a long hiatus from the entertainment industry, the gifted actress came back in the spotlight as Zaini in the drama serial ‘Mohabbat Chor Di Maine’ with co-stars Hajra Yamin, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Mariyam Nafees.

Directed by Shaquielle Khan and written by Naila Ansari, the serial’s premise revolves around Komal, a married lady who has been influencing people as a result of her dark background, unjust behaviour, and selfishness.

Rushna has done a wonderful job in her acting debut of putting herself in Zaini’s position and portraying her character accurately. Through her tireless efforts, she has shown to be the ideal match for the part, with her note-worthy acting talents and outstanding impressions. If we are, to be honest, fans are definitely waiting to see more of her in upcoming drama serials!

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