Revisit the World of Authentic Chinese Cuisine at Tai-Pan

For those who have earlier experienced Tai-Pan, and loved it, then good news is in order. The largest chain of five-star hotels Pearl-Continental Hotel Karachi has recently re-launched Tai-pan. The authentic Chinese restaurant offers a wide variety of scrumptious food with refined flavors along with exquisite ambiance. Over the years, avid Chinese buffs know the authenticity of Tai-Pan and their signature cuisine. So, it is only natural for these hardcore foodies to revisit and re-experience the magic.

The Re-Launch

Tai-Pan was inaugurated by the honorable Consulate General of China, Li Bijian. The grand celebrations had diplomats, city elite, media personnel, along with top management of the organization in attendance.

What’s New on the Plate?

The crux of Tai-Pan is to serve traditional Chinese cuisine with the essence of the Canton and Shanghai provinces. Food specialties at Tai-Pan are prepared using the four Chinese cooking methods i.e. steaming, braising, baking and frying. The new specialty chef at Tai-Pan, Zhaokun Jiang, showcases a unique set of skills for Chinese cuisine which he has gathered from his diversified practical experience of working in China, UAE and Pakistan, enriching him with an exclusive blend of fusion and ethnic expertise.

Final Word

With progressive, highest quality ingredients and an artful presentation, Tai-Pan hits all the right notes to evoke full flavors, combined wonderfully that will allow you to come back for more. Also, the ardent ambiance is something that you would definitely like to experience. The exquisite delightful restaurant re-opens its doors into the magical world of love and affection. Tai-Pan is all set to serve its customers daily for lunch between 12:30 – 03:30 pm and dinner between 19:00 -23:00.

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