Review of sound of metal by the acclaimed journalist Tamur Iqbal

sound of metal

Sound of metal is not an easy film to watch. Painful, difficult to absorb, yet offers some semblance of hope in the most low-key manner. The story of a drummer who starts losing his hearing is essentially a character study of an artist who is struggling to cope with the realization he’s completely turning deaf. A fellow who is driving a VR, playing to small crowds all over the country with his girlfriend, passionate about his music, has to now confront the new set of realities & challenges as the panic anger depression, and hopelessness sets in. The film throws a very important question if the disability is a handicap requiring a fightback or be accepted with its dimensions, and the answer comes most fascinatingly in a rehab center from a community of deaf. This is a lifetime performance by Riz Ahmed brilliantly taking us to through a multitude of emotions from shock disbelief fear grief depression madness to eventual acceptance. The film doesn’t get too preachy, with over-the-top feel-good moments rather keeps his transition restrained and realistic in a more believable manner.

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