Rabya Kulsoom aka Maila, while not in the lead, owns Fraud!

It’s good to see that actresses today have graduated from being the Bechari to the woman of substance, who takes a stand, fights for her rights, and raises her voice against injustice. It’s just that when some actors blow you away with their flawless performances and manage to retain their standards for quite some time; you begin to expect that these people can never go wrong. One such name is Rabya Kulsoom, her performance as Mailain the drama serial Fraud engages both heart and mind.


A quick recap for the unversed: Fraud is a story of deceit, dishonesty, and cheating. The plot is about Maya (Saba Qamar) and Maila (Rabya Kulsoom) daughters of a proud teacher Nisar (Mehmood Aslam). Nisar wants her daughters to get married to rich families. In a series of unfortunate events, Maya gets married to Tabraiz (Ahsan Khan) a fraudster. Eventually, Maya comes to know about Tabraiz’s reality and is shocked and heartbroken. After seeking divorce, Nisar then decides to let Maya marry her cousin Nael (Adnan Samad Khan). Nael declines the wedding at the eleventh as revenge when Nisar had once rejected his proposal before. Things turn worse as Nisar suffers a heart attack. Viewers are introduced to Talal (Alee Hassan Shah) who takes care of the consequences of the situation. He tells Maila that Nisar was his teacher in school. Maila is shocked when Talal proses her; she gets mad at him and blocks him on all social media accounts.

The vignettes and blown-up situations of households make ‘Fraud’ a delectable watch. And Rabya Kulsoom, what a terrific actress she is. Let me affirm, that she doesn’t need a lead role to justify her talent, give her the lines, and she will add the required skins and bones to create magic. Maila isn’t just another role of a chotibehan, the writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah has added raw nuances to it, that come across as refreshing on screen. In a crucial scene, where she gets angry on Talaal for proposing her instead of Maya, Rabya rocks the scene like never before. The supremely talented actress delivers a performance at par with her former accomplishments. She sneaks her way through the role like an expert, drawing the audience love, the way a magnet collects iron filings.



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Rabya proves that she isn’t just a pretty face but also succeeds in convincing the viewers with her class act. Director Saqib Khan deserves full marks for reposing absolute faith in Kulsoom for one of the important parts of the play. He has fashioned enough scenes around the plot without going melodramatic. With a great star cast, good script, and wonderful direction, Fraud is a well-crafted product that succeeds in fulfilling the audience’s expectations. Let’s see what happens next!

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