Powerhouse Of Talent Syed Rizwan Ali Jaffri Impresses Big Time In ‘Daadal’

Syed Rizwan Ali Jaffri has been steadily making his mark in the industry. He has always managed to stand out in the crowd with his interactive photo-shoots, acting projects and singing skills. Off late Jaffri has been the talk of the town with his recent cinematic outing ‘Daadal’ receiving a great response from the critics and the audience. The film is attracting crowds in theatres and making the cash registers go bonkers.

Daadalis a female centric film and revolves around the protagonist Sonya Hussyn. Those who have seen the film just can’t stop raving about the career best performance of Hussyn. But Rizwan Ali Jaffri rocks the show and how! The actor steals every scene with Hussyn playing the boxing enthusiast ‘Sarmad’. He is winning praises for his ‘superlative’ act in a supporting role.He’s so good that a spin-off film on his equation with Haya would make an interesting narrative in itself. Such has been the impact of Jaffri’s performance.


Jaffri impresses from the first scene itself. He has a fine screen presence and doesn’t go overboard while scouting possible targets for the mob. He has evolved as an actor and shines in the sequences with Hussyn. Performance-wise, he excels, puts in a lot of hard work, and it shows.

Director Abu Aleeha in an exclusive conversation with Fashion Times Magazine spoke high about Jaffri, “It was my experience of working with Rizwan. He was very patient on set and gave his all to get in to the skin of his character Sarmad.”

Rooted in the underworld of Lyari, Daadal is the story of a female boxer Haya Baloch who becomes a contract killer to avenge her sisters’ honor. The intelligently scripted, deftly directed and well-acted crime thriller is peopled by characters who ensure that the audiences get their money’s worth.

Daadal is currently showing in cinemas all across Pakistan.

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