‘Play with the Passion to Win’: PM Imran Khan Boost Morale of Cricketers!

PM Imran Khan

Ahead of the T20 World Cup, the cricket team of Pakistan arrived at the Prime Minister’s House to meet PM Imran Khan. The tournament is scheduled to take in October-November this year.



The meeting with the premier was an attempt to boost the morale of the cricket team. Prime Minister Imran Khan, a brilliant cricketer during his career, led Pakistan’s ‘cornered tigers’ to victory in the 1992 ICC Cricket World Cup.



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PM Imran Khan advised the national cricket team to inculcate the team spirit, adopt aggressive posturing and play with the passion for winning. Special Assistant to Prime Minister Shahbaz Gill, Senator Faisal Javed and Pakistan Cricket Board (PBC) Chairman Ramiz Raja were also present during the meeting.



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During the meeting, Imran described truthfulness and honesty as the principles of success.“One can change his fate through hard work and struggle,” he said. He advised the players to opt for the course of earning respect and not money; and play for the team and the nation which had their eyes on their performance.


The prime minister said that the whole nation wished their success for being the representatives of Pakistan in the world. “You have no dearth of talent as the whole world recognizes the talent of the Pakistanis,” he remarked.


Imran Khan

He said every successful individual had to meet failure, which became a source for learning. The prime minister called for teams’ nerve strengthening and teaching them to enjoy the pressure instead of getting frustrated.

He also guided the team to focus on taking the wicket, which was different from run blocking. He also advised the players to emerge as a strong team as the whole nation has pinned hopes on them.


Fashion Times Magazine wishes luck to team Pakistan and hope that they’ll bring the cup home


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