PISA 2021: Did you know Waqar Zaka backed out from all the nominations to promote new talent?

Waqar Zaka

Waqar Zaka is a household name and has entertained the nation with his top-notch hosting skills. He is well known for his popular shows like Living on the edge, Xposed, King of Street Magic, Desi Kudiyan and the Cricket Challenge. He is also an activist and crypto entrepreneurship. But did you know that Waqar recently stepped out from the nominations at the second Pakistan International Screen Awards PISA 2021? Yes! You heard it right




The PISA 2021 were arguably the first major event for the Pakistani industry held outside of Pakistan since the pandemic. The red carpet, performances and the magnificent glitz and glamour. However one of the major highlights was the gracious act by superstar Zaka who backed out as the nominee from all the categories to give a chance to the new and emerging talent to win in the television, film and music categories.


He was offered an award for the ‘Pakistan social media icon’ but he refused to receive the award. Instead, he devoted his award to the Pakistan industry.




There’s no denial about the fact that nepotism exists in every industry and the jury favors their favorites to win. Zaka who is a popular social media whiz and commentator also hosted a section of awards at PISA. He showcased sportsman spirit despite being the Jury member and the main sponsor from the social media award categories. For the unversed Zaka started the trend of social media awards last year by nominating content creators from village life to Kitchen with Amna.




At PISA, this was the first time in the entertainment industry of Pakistan that social media influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, and vloggers were invited to such great stars’ gatherings. Social media artists were seen sitting with popular Pakistani stars during the show.

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