‘Pardes’ Review Episode 7 and 8: Entertaining Yet High On Emotions!

Pardes Ep 7 & 8

Drama serial ‘Pardes’ has turned out to be a blockbuster right from the word go; a stellar cast, a great script, enormous mass appeal, wonderful directions and a truly solid production. That being said, one can’t deny the fact that amidst a tough competition, ‘Pardes’ holds its ground and witness skyrocketing TRP’s with every episode and top trending on YouTube. Viewers eagerly await the double dose of entertainment every Monday, 8:00 pm at ARY Digital. This week’s episodes 7 and 8 were entertaining yet high on emotions. Let’s Analyze. 


In Episode 7, Zubaida with the support of her neighbor gives birth to her child in a government hospital, while Noshi gets her medical treatment at a private hospital. The cunning antics of Mumtaz begum continue as she treats Zubaida very badly. Ahsan is a happy father, he wants to come back to Pakistan. The entire family doesn’t want Ahsan to return; they fear that their financial support would get less. Ahsan applies for a leave that gets rejected; he then plans to resign from the job. Sadly that too isn’t possible as he is bound with a contract. Zubaida once again is shattered with this news.


In episode 8 Not just Zubaida, little Aiman also gets affected by the absence of her father. She becomes rude and quiet; she is ignored to the core. Adding more to the horror, Mumtaz doesn’t handovers the gifts to her sent by her father. Aiman is fascinated with the stuffed toy that she sees in Noshi’s room. She picks it up and brings it for her brother to play with. Noshi on knowing this puts up a huge fight and accuses Aiman of being a thief. In a series of unfortunate events, little Zaid falls from the bed. Zubaida requests Asim to accompany her to the hospital to which he refuses. Finally, we get to see a big sigh of relief, as Ahsan returns home. Zubaida is surprised and happy, but the entire family is interested to know about the gifts that Ahsan has brought for them. Mumtaz deliberately keeps the gold set with her that Ahsan brought for Zubaida. Ahsan is surprised to see that except for his room the entire house is refurbished. He takes out his family for shopping and outing. The episode ends on a cliffhanger note when Ahsan asks Zubaida about Aiman’s new school.



Arguably one of the best dramas being aired currently, ‘Pardes’ is undoubtedly a modern-day classic. Just 8 episodes down, the drama serial delivers and fulfills the audience expectations. This week’s episodes depicted the bond between the characters of Zubaida and Ahsan. Not to forget, Mumtaz’s character was also the major highpoint. It will be interesting to see how her attitude affects the lives of others. Going by the upcoming promos, we will soon be introduced to the second generation.


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