Pakistani Old Song-Pakistani Classic Songs for the Perfect Monsoon Swag

The monsoon season is here Time to Play Pakistani Old Song! When it comes to enjoying the rain, an indispensable part of it is listening to songs associated with rain. Though music is a very personal choice, we are sure the love for these rains songs is universal. The entertainment industry of Pakistan is filled with songs that compel you to let go of all your inhibitions and enjoy in the rain. We at Fashion Times Magazine bring you the ultimate monsoon playlist that includes some of the most popular tracks to listen to when it is raining cats and dogs outside. Check it out…


  • Junoon – Garaj Baras 


When you hear the name of this song, the unforgettable vocals of Ali Azmat flashes to mind. This is a classic monsoon melody, speaking of the promises of eternal romance. The first season of Coke Studio in Pakistan featured this song with addition of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan vocals. Written by lyricist Sabir Zafar, the single was also selected as part of a Bollywood film Paap in 2003 directed by Pooja Bhatt. The song topped the charts in both India and Pakistan.

  • Woh Lamhe Woh Baatein -Atif Aslam


When it rains, we automatically get into a romantic mood. A big hit of its time, ‘Woh Lamhe Woh Baatein’ by Atif Aslam soared the charts and was a must-have on every playlist. This snazzy number gave Aslam his first solo hit and impressed millions of people globally. It was one of the most popular among all soundtracks of Emraan Hashmi’s films Zeher (2005).

  • Baarish ki Chand Boondain – Saleem Javed


Want to soak in the pleasant weather and cherish every minute of it? Then listen to this relaxing and soothing track of the 90’s sung by Saleem Javed. The track showcases rain-soaked lush green beauty of the northern areas of Pakistan. The sizzling monsoon number featured model Sonya Khan aesthetically enjoying the rain.

  • Baarish – Jimmy Khan


From the film Ho Maan Jahan, this song features Shehreyar Munwar and Sonya Jehan. The slow-paced, awe-inspiring musical composition blends perfectly with the soulful voice of Jimmy Khan. It will remind you of the simpler times when you could enjoy the sweet little moments that brew up romance. The track is a tale of delicate and divine love.

  • Rim Jhim Rim Jhim Paray Phuaar – Koyal


The most iconic and popular rain song has to be ‘Rim Jhim Rim Jhim Paray Phuaar’ by Madam Noor Jahan. The song is very heartfelt and soul extracting. Unprecedented words with beautiful composing and melodious vocal impressions by Noor Jahan and Munir Hussain are seen in this song. The present generation of singers tries to mimic this song to establish their mastery, but naturally, none among them come up to the mark.

We hope you Like all these Pakistani Old Song collection.

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