Pakistan Day 2022:ISPR commemorates with 23rd March special song ‘Shad Rahay Pakistan’

Pakistan Day is all about celebrating patriotism. No matter where we stay, in which part of the country or world, it’s the same amount of enthusiasm that we share. We feel strong and with all vigor, we celebrate this occasion. Ahead of 23rd March, Pakistan Army’s media wing, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) has released a national song Shad Rahay Pakistan. The special song features popular singers of the country like Shuja Haider and Yashal Shahid.  The track is in tune with the resolve to keep Pakistan peaceful and on the bright path of progress.


The anthem right away introduces Shuja and Yashal and their mesmerizing vocals are soothing to ears. We get to see a heavy dose of armed forces in action, air force fighter jets, naval fleets, armed commandos remind us the sacrifices of Pakistanis during that era. The patriotic fervor is strong and comes across as promising.


Shad Rahay Pakistan is written and composed by ShujaHaider, the song is mixed by Sarmad Ghafoor. Yasir Jaswal’s mesmerizing direction takes Shad Rahay Pakistan onto the next level and showcases the beauty of Pakistan like never before.  One of the major highlights of the song are the drone shots that bring out the beauty of the country i.e., beautiful landscapes, mountains, lush green valleys, desserts, lakes, and streams.


Shad Rahay Pakistan is a celebration of the resolve of the nation to stay united and steadfast on the path to prosperity. The anthem encompasses the national aspiration to always see Pakistan’s flag fluttering high. It reverberates a prayer that the country may flourish for all times to come. On this auspicious occasion every Pakistani should express their ambition to contribute viably in the progress of the country.


Watch the music video here

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