#Paise Kidhar Hai? Models, Videographer, and an Ex-employee call out Elan over Non-Payment!

Elan and Zaha

Khadijah Shah, the head of two of Pakistan’s principal style brands, Elan and Zaha was recently under fire over nonpayment issues to models, videographer, and an ex-employee. The brand was pushed into the spotlight after a huge number of posts via social media called them out for not paying individuals on schedule.

Shah is one of the country’s best imaginative powers and is regularly praised for her developments in the domains of wedding wear, readymade, and unstitched fabric, yet her brands were being discussed via online media less for their style and more else for their business policies.


The Social Media Outrage


Model Atikah Gardezi who was once part of Zaha’s campaign wrote on social media asking, “Mere paise kidher hain? Zaha” (Where is my money, Zaha?)


Later, she updated and disclosed to her followers that Elan’s management had called her regarding the clearance of the payment. They also asked her to delete her post from social media. She agreed, only when the payment would be transferred.


Well, this wasn’t it, Model Abeera Riaz was next in line to bash the brand, her post translates, “It’s not just about money,” she says. “It’s about being disrespectful. Why should I have to beg for money which is rightfully mine? Where are the brand ethics?”

Elan and Zaha


Model Mydah Raza revealed that she hasn’t been paid by Elan for three years. Calling it Disgusting, Raza wrote, “If you don’t want to offer monetary payment to your models – cool. You can be upfront about it. You can let them know this will be collaboration or whatever.”

Elan and Zaha


After receiving the payment Mydah delete her post. She further asked the brand to clear the payments of her colleagues too.

Elan and Zaha


Another shock to the brand was ex-employee Hassan Iqbal Rizvi who took to his Instagram stories mentioning that he also received his dues just 20 minutes back.

Elan and Zaha


Videographer Moeed Sayyam was another victim of non-payment for about a year. Read his Instagram story in the highlight section.

Elan’s take on the entire fiasco


According to Dawn Images, Shah was naturally upset and said, “It is, of course, wrong that these people did not get paid. I am sincerely sorry about that. But the company has been going through major changes and sometimes it has been hard to keep up. I have looked into the matter and the pending payments have been cleared. It’s upsetting that some people who haven’t even worked with my brands have chosen to comment on the matter on social media.”


Final Word


It’s shocking to see such stories about a reputable brand brimming on social media. It sounds so funny that payments were made within no time once they popped up in front of the world. Was Khadija Shah so ignorant about these matters? Where does the brand stand now? Will it regain its credibility again? Will the fashion fraternity collaborate with Elan & Zaha again?


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Quote Source: Dawn Images

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