One Pot Chicken Korma: How It Hurts When English People Dishonor Your Cultural Food

One Pot Chicken Korma

A popular online Food channel, Tasty UK posted a recipe for a one-pot Chicken Korma and sparked outrage on Twitter for all the right reasons. The video recipe on Twitter read, bless their naïve little hearts, “One-Pot Chicken Qorma [heart eyes emoji]”.

The “one-pot chicken korma” video shows the dish being prepared with a chicken stock cube and korma paste. We are truly surprised who thought of adding a generous amount of raisins and spinach to our beloved Qourma. If that wasn’t enough of a nightmare the dish has rice thrown in ala biryani and is served with a garnishing of yogurt and coriander. Disgusting.

Hilarious comments spurred on Twitter as netizens commented on the post.

“What in the name of colonial cuisine blasphemy is this,” wrote a user and we agree.

Another tweep wrote: “I’m sorry for all South Asians having to see this,” they wrote.

“How the h** did y’all colonise the world for spices and then not use them even when cooking our own food?!” asked another irked user.

Users questioned how to prevent humanity from eating this “abomination.”

The video made a user want to report “cultural violence.”

Setting The Record Straight


Keep the disastrous recipe aside, a user questioned how the chicken was left uncooked making a sure cause for food poisoning. “I don’t even care about the ingredients, but why can’t they caramelise the onions and saute the chicken for a bit? Without that happening this dish is best-called food poisoning,” they wrote.

Dear Tasty Food Chicken Korma is a widespread meat dish in the subcontinent. The authentic recipe is made with yogurt and spices to make the curry after which chicken is added to the curry to be cooked.

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