‘One Has To Play Multiple roles’ Designer Zainab Chottani Opens Up About Single Parenting

Speaking of beautiful clothes, Zainab Chottani is the first thing that comes in mind. She is one of the well-known designers in Pakistan for bridal wear and has displayed her creations in Pakistan as well as in Dubai, USA and London. With a combination of extra ordinary designs, backed up with regular shows and events, celebrities endorsing her brand, and her clothes being showcased in dramas. All of this has transformed her brand onto the next level.

In a recent interview at digital talk show Momina’s Mixed Plate, Zainab spoke passionately about her craft, her designs, her personal life and much more.

Excerpts from the interview

Managing Life As A Single Parent

My transition towards single parenting was challenging. But if there’s a difficult side to it, there are also rewards. One has to play multiple roles and fulfill the responsibilities. I must say, my family has been very supportive throughout and I give half of the credit to them. For instance, when I am busy with my work or travelling, my father makes sure that he doesn’t miss out on my son’s tennis tournament. Besides, instilling discipline in my kids is entirely my responsibility and is quite challenging in its own way.

Her Love For Traveling

I love to travel. I plan a separate tour with my children. They are like pals when I travel with them alone. They pack for themselves. I don’t have to get involved with them. I also travel with my parents and kids together. Also I make sure that I don’t miss out the fun of travelling with my friends.

Her Design process

 I have a huge team who design and do all the stuff. I primarily have to delegate all of that, like micro managing every single thing. I sit with every one of them. There’s nothing that goes into print, not even the sampling. I would manage and make tweaking’s and proceed further. However, the formals and bridals are completely my creations.

On Being Not Too Social

I don’t feel the need to be social. Firstly, I don’t have time for it. Secondly it does not affect my business. I get along well with everyone. Being a single parent, I have to juggle between my work and family, so it’s is a full-time job. Having said that, later in life if I may socialize just to have fun.

What does the New Studio at Karachi Offers?

 The new studio is located at Khayaban-e-Bukhari. It has three has three floors. The basement has bridals and formals; on ground we have a walk-in store. The first floor is completely allotted to Tahra.

What’s Next For Zainab Chottani?

There is so much in the pipeline, but we are planning to do something on denim. I have done two capsule collections of denim earlier.  I feel the market has the potential to be explored.

Watch the complete episode here

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