Nida Yasir’s ‘Formula One’ Clip is Trending Yet Again: Find Out Why?

Nida Yasir

Actor-director Yasir Nawaz is winning over the internet with his comical parody of wife Nida Yasir’s recent viral Formula 1 video. Nawaz proved to be a big sport and the social media family is in complete awe of their strong relationship dynamics.


Yasir posted a video on Instagram, mimicking Nida’s clip, playing both wife and the interviewer. 



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He captioned his post with a bunch of laughing emoticons, inviting hilarious comments from his fans.


Without a doubt, the mimicry was bang on and the addition of Yasir’s postures and gestures brought the perfect comic timing. Within no time, the video generated massive likes, netizens and celebrities were in fits of laughter.


A quick recap for the unversed


Off late, comedian Ali Gul Pir picked up an old clip (2016) from Nida Yasir’s morning show ‘Good Morning Pakistan’. She had invited two NUST students who had invented their own Formula 1 racing car. The super talented duo Abdul Aleem and Mohammad Shariq Waqar had joined the host in hopes to shed light on their project but were left puzzled by the host’s bizarre questions.


It all started when Ali Gul Pir posted this video on his Instagram.




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A post shared by Ali Gul Pir (@therealaligulpir)

Yasir’s video comes after netizens took a jibe at Nida for asking ill-researched questions. However, Nida later apologized to her fans, ensuring she would always research well before asking questions on TV.


By and large, most people who saw the video are having a great time


Nida yasir

The couple has certainly entertained everyone in the last couple of days. Just a thought, we would love to see the parody of this clip by Danish Nawaz. It’ll be great fun. What do you say?

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