‘Neeli Zinda Hai’ Episode 4 Review Horror Looms Large In Every Frame!

neeli zinda hai episode-4 review

With every project, ARY Digital takes the viewer’s expectations to a higher altitude. And the hopes from ‘Neeli Zinda Hai’ are no less. The horror drama has kept the viewers on their toes right from the very beginning. The interesting characters placed around a frightening premise with twists and turns at regular intervals has kept the drama trending week after week. Episode 4 had ample jump scares and witnessed intriguing turns that no one could have thought of. Let’s review.

In Episode 4, Sumbul (Sonia Mishal) continues to get haunted by the ghost. She begins to see things and gets distressed. She gets scary dreams and above all Aman (Mohib Mirza) doesn’t believe her at all. Meharbano (Kinza Malik) on the other hand continues to practice black magic on Sumbul. Not just that, she spends those savings that Aman had given her for his sister’s marriage.

neeli zinda hai


We are now introduced to Nagina (Jeenan Hussain) who comes to the house with a mission. She offers her services as a house help and succeeds in getting the job. As the story plods ahead, we get to know that her husband is a gravedigger. He has sent Nagina in search of the haunted ghost.



Nagina is the next to encounter a series of strange incidents, such as the voice of bangles that ultimately leads her to Tehreem’s room. The next scene gives us spine-tingling chills and scares when Nagina gets slapped by Tehreem. The ghost is now turning into a shapeshifter; she dons the avatar of Sumbul and warns Nagina to avoid the supernatural cleaning tactics.


neeli zinda hai


‘Neeli Zinda Hai’ is a supernatural thriller that doesn’t go over the top with the nuances of a horror premise. There’s tremendous identification with the goings-on, with every character looking believable. It doesn’t completely depend on a spooky background score or weird camera angles to deliver the chills. With a strong script and an ensemble cast that does its job to perfection.

‘Neeli Zinda Hai’ is definitely one drama that shouldn’t be missed. Watch the episode here:

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