Neelam Muneer’s OTT Makeup & Strange Accent In ‘Ehram-e-Junoon’ Is Hard To Digest!

Cameras capture everything. Actresses today need to take care of many things before facing the camera. Make-up disasters are not new in the entertainment industry. Time and again actresses have made such blunders that turn them into laughing stones. The recent to join the list is actor Neelam Muneer. Her look as Shanzay in drama serial ‘Ehram-e-Junoon’ is getting flak left right and center.

‘Ehram-e-Junoon’: A Quick Recap

In ‘Ehram-e-Junoon’ Neelam hails from a super-rich family. She is more of a spoiled brat who is head over heels for Shani (Imran Abbas). The latter belongs to a lower middle-class family and one day arrives at her home as a pizza delivery boy.  Shanzay goes all out to get Shani in her life.

The OTT Makeup

Shanzay isn’t an evil character but her artificial eyelashes, eye lenses and dark makeup without any blending makes Neelam one of the most bizarre thing of Ehram-e-Junoon. The vamp-ish look is getting more highlighted than her performance. Neelam Muneer surely is a very talented actress with flawless beauty. She is known for her brilliant makeup looks. In real life she’s like Makhan Malai, all she requires is a little foundation and lipstick and she is camera ready. But god knows better what has gone wrong with this natural beauty.

Strange Dialogue Delivery

Talking of her accent and dialogue delivery, it is totally out of place. Be it mouthing dialogues in Urdu or English, they are all over the place. Her eyes are wide open in every scene as if she’ll start beating you up. One can’t deny the fact that Ehram-e-Junoon is fetching good views on YouTube views, but that’s a different ball game altogether.

Wake up Neelam

Neelam’s OTT look is hampering her innocence big time. The world is switching towards minimum makeup and softer looks. We hope she gets along with the current trends and won’t repeat such things in upcoming projects.

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