Nadia Khan Shuts Howling Sharmila Faruqui; Puts her in her Place!

Nadia Khan

Of late the internet was set ablaze for all the wrong reasons. PPP leader Sharmila Faruqui accused actress Nadia Khan of making a Vlog that featured her mother Anisa Faruqui. The video was shot at a celebrity wedding that was uploaded on Khan’s YouTube channel ‘Outstlye’.

Now before I share my point of view, let me just say, ‘Jau Likho Ga Sach Likho Ga, Sach Ke Siwa Kuch Nahi Likho Ga’


Being a journalist, a neutral person, and like anyone who has a sense of fairness, I do feel certain aspects of the way the situation has been unfolded need comment. I watched Khan’s Vlog multiple times to figure out where did she went wrong? All I saw was Nadia giving utmost respect to Anisa Faruqui. Have a look



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When two lady’s meet up, candid conversations about makeup, style, apparel, and jewelry are prerequisites. A sensible person would talk to an elderly person exactly the way Nadia did. Good ethics, manners, and a well-groomed personality; all these qualities are embedded by default in a person who belongs to a good family. And that’s all Nadia Khan showcased in her Vlog.


Sharmila Ji, your accusations are in horrible taste 


An empty vessel makes the most noise, this proverb is perfect to define Sharmila Farooqui in this scenario. After seven days of the publication of the vlog, suddenly Sharmila woke up and reacted like a pressure cooker.


Does it not defy logic? 


She uploaded regular Instagram status to gather media and shared pictures of herself reporting at the FIA cybercrime office.


There’s more.


Using the word ‘shameless’ for another woman was a prime example to gain cheap publicity.


Final Word


Don’t all these gimmicks raise questions in your mind about the authenticity of the accusations? The way this episode was played out by Sharmila with sections of the media is worrisome. To sum it all up, the unnecessary fiasco strongly came across as all of it was for TRP, it’s in horrible taste.


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