Nabila lock horns with Nadia Hussain at social media over new makeup palette

Nadia & Nabila

Nadia Hussain recently launched a brand-new product ‘GO MAKEUP PALETTE’ – for her makeup line. It is an all-in-one product specifically designed for last minute touch-up to get flawless complexion on the go.

This didn’t go well with Nabila as Hussain’s new product had striking similarities to what Nabila’s ‘Zero makeup palette’ is already offering. Nabila who is best known for her blunt behavior didn’t spare Hussain and accused her by saying “Don’t you have a brain of your own?”

The screenshot of their Whatsapp conversation was shared by Hussain at her Instagram that said. “This is truly what being insecure means! I am just shocked, speechless, appalled, confused and yet feel victorious at the same time!”

Nadia was upset as she couldn’t tag Nabila at any of her social media platforms. “For someone of Nabila’s repute – I cannot tag her because she has blocked me – to stoop so low and send me such an underhanded message on the launch of my Go Makeup Palette is just beyond me.”

She clarified that her product may be inspired but isn’t plagiarized. She also made sure to advertise her product to the fullest, stating that it has much more to offer. “My item may be similar but surely the concept is totally different, she has no copyright on such a design, many international brands have such similar travel makeup kits and my product itself offers much, much more in comparison to her Zero Makeup kit.”

Hussain continued: “I have attached a quick scroll through of my conversations with her since 2019 for ppl to know that yes it was her who sent me that ridiculous msg, and also a Screenshot of a few digits from her phone number for those who know her personally so no one can say these images are doctored or that it was sent from someone else’s number who’s name I had changed to hers.”

She concluded the conversation on a rocking note and said: “Surely my GO MAKEUP PALETTE ROCKS and surely it has ROCKED her boat.”

Well, we certainly feel that competition should be healthy. Nabila and Hussain are prolific names of the fashion industry, such kind of reactions shouldn’t be taking place on social media.

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