Must Read: When Amin Iqbal Offered Fawad Khan A Great Role, But The Project Never Took Off!

Fawad Khan

After a brief hiatus, the superstar of Pakistan Fawad Khan is back to enthrall the audience with a lineup of exciting new projects. While promoting his upcoming film ‘The Legend of Maula Jatt’ in an interview with Something Haute, Fawad spoke about the kind of roles that intrigues him as an actor to perform. He further recalled a script narrated by Amin Iqbal that left him awestruck.

“Amin Iqbal is a master of his craft and I was super impressed with the role. The way it was written and was set in the beautiful setting of Lahore winters. I grew up in Lahore, so I can relate to the fog and how the rays of light falls and lit up Lahore. In between all of this, there’s this man who’s a sculptor and can’t see, falls in love with a woman. These kinds of romance always intrigue me. I don’t know why the project just never happened.”

Post the interview, writer and director Amin Iqbal shared a message for Fawad Khan along with a video clip. “Hey Fawad, yes, the story is still waiting for its protagonist’s availability. I believe that every story chooses its destiny itself and this story’s destiny has waited for 18 years to reach its culmination. Not much longer to wait hopefully,” he wrote.

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Interestingly Fawad Khan’s upcoming film Neelofer has a similar kind of plot. According to Fawad, “Neelofer is the story about a writer who falls in love with a blind girl. It’s a love story based in Lahore. We have tried our best to keep the charm of Lahore in it but show people a different side other than the landmarks that have been shown in every project.”

For the unversed, Amin Iqbal has a list of successful projects under his belt like Thakan, Dushman-e-Jaan, Deedan and Ishq- e-Laa. We hope that Iqbal soon finds the protagonist for whom he is waiting for 18 years.

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