‘Changing Context to Malign my Character is not Journalism’, says Muneeb Butt

Muneeb Butt

Muneeb Butt recently appeared on Nida Yasir’s Morning show to promote his recent outing ‘Baddua’. A snippet of Muneeb on the talk show has been doing the rounds on social media lately. The actor feels that his statement was a joke and shouldn’t be taken so seriously.


Taking to Instagram, Butt shared the same video and wrote, “This is the clip that is misinterpreted by a few publications. This was not a serious conversation, as seen we were joking and I sarcastically joked that you should be scared and pamper your husband even more.”



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The Qarar actor accused journalist of blowing things out of proportion and further said, “Picking a clip and using it in a different context to malign my character is not journalism. I do not think women should live under a constant fear that their husband will leave them. I am a husband and love my wife and she loves me, that’s the basic pillar of our relationship.”


He concluded: “I would request all the pages sharing these clips to do their basic fact checks then spread such negative content.”


Nida Yasir also commented seconded Butt’s statement. She wrote, “Menay bhi masti men bola tha, baton ko alag rang kiun detay hain log? (I was also joking when I said what I said. Why do people give everything a different colour?) Matlab ab masti mazaaq bhi na karen, jaan lengay kya hamari? (Now should we stop joking around as well?)”



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