Momina Sibtain Hosts Her Spiciest Season Yet On Momina’s Mixed Plate

In the world of hosting and video journalism, no one does it quite like Momina Sibtain. Creating one of the most fun-filled interviews with top celebrities, the brilliant journalist called forth some of our favorite superstars and ask them all the interesting questions we’ve always wanted answers to. It goes without saying, the 2nd season of Momina’s Mixed Plate has kicked off with a bang! Featuring leading names such as Sarwat Gilani, Gohar Rasheed, Ali Gul Pir, and several others, the interview series had made rounds across the internet as MMP preserves its title of being one of the most entertaining online chat shows this season. The most recent episodes featured Momal Sheikh, Faiza Saleem as well as Nadia Hussain, and rest assured, the clips were filled with hilarious conversations with notes of controversy as well. While the episode with Nadia Hussain went viral as she got vocal about her controversy with image guru Nabila, the video with Momal Sheikh gauged attention because of her discussion her celebrity family, and Faiza Saleem, on the other hand, caught the spotlight for discussing the reasons she censored her social media content for the safety of youth. Either way, this season has enjoyed maximum entertainment thus far!


Of course, while keeping the lighthearted energy of the series alive, Momina Sibtain is not one to shy away from asking some of the most pressing questions. Thus, she asked Nadia Hussain about her makeup palette controversy with Nabila where screenshots were shared all over the internet of their conversation. to which the actress gave a detailed description of how the entire ordeal unfolded. Hussain went as far as to admit that she was very “ticked off” and also went ahead to state, “I really didn’t care who she was. If someone is going to behave in an untoward manner with me, and if I have an issue with that, especially somebody who is well known, I will take them to task.” Furthermore, in the episode with Momal Sheikh, Sibtain asked the actress how she deals with statements by her famous family including the likes of Shehroz Subzwari and Sadaf Kanwal. While Sheikh maintained a calm demeanor and responded with the truth that family comes first. She disclosed that much like any other family celebrities have their fair share of ups and downs as well hence, they deal with problems in the same way.


However, in the most recent episode with Faiza Saleem, the comedian openly distinguished the difference between her online personality vs her personality on stage or amongst her friends. While the interview was quite lighthearted, the comedian shed light on the fact that younger generations have access to social media unlike ever before and can see all kinds of content online. While Sibtain and Saleem shared a lot of laughs, we couldn’t help but enjoy the conversation as well.


This season of Momina’s Mixed Plate has been just as fantastic as the last with all of our favorite celebs from all walks of the industry answering some of our most burning questions! Keeping the spirit of fun-fuelled chatshows alive, we’ve loved every minute of Momina Sibtain’s amazing online talk show and we can’t wait to see who’s next on the hot seat!

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