Meri Shehzadi (Review): A Massy Fare With A Nuanced Performance By Urwa Hocane

Meri Shehzadi

Politics in Pakistani could be a genre of drama in itself, and when written well, it could give a tough competition, if not leave it lagging behind. That is, of course, if the writing is powerful enough. Fortunately, this is something we can say about Qasim Ali Mureed’s latest offering Meri Shehzadi, headlined by an ensemble cast that includes Urwa Hocane, Ali Rehman, Sonya Mishal, Atiqa Odho, Shabbir Jaan, Noman Masood, Qavi Khan, Shamim Hilalay and others.

Now, with names like these, that the show will create a buzz was a given. Add to that the premise of a political family that any thinking Pakistani today is invested in. Meri Shehzadi, glides into the journey of Dania a naïve girl who goes on to become a successful politician. Written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, Meri Shehzadi is produced by Momina Duraid.

Meri Shehzadi: What’s the Story?

Urwa’s Dania is an innocent girl who is clean at heart, down to earth and very well brought up by her grandparents Sanaullah (Qavi Khan) and grandmother played by Shamim Hilalay. Dania’s mother died the day she was born and her father Salauddin (Noman Masood) opted for a second marriage. Salauddin and his family are powerful politicians, he visits Dania once a year on her birthday and gives her a cheque for her expenses.

One day, Salauddin’s elder brother and Chief Minister Ghayasudin (Shabbir Jaan) suddenly falls ill and is battling a fatal disease. He doesn’t have much time left, and therefore wants his foreign returned son Shehroze (Ali Rehman) to get married to Dania. Dania is shocked to know about this development. She hadn’t thought or imagined getting married to a person whom she doesn’t love. After much opposition from her grandmother, Dania finally ties the know with Shehroze. Unfortunately the very next day she gets the biggest shock of her life that Shehroze is already married and has a child in the US.

How Are The Performances & Directions?

Well-researched and well-handled situations are the strongest suit of director Qasim Ali Mureed. Meri Shehzadi and its picture of politics have depth, aftertaste and texture. Qasim succeeds in highlighting the world of evil brewing inside the life of well-dressed politicians. The fact that you can relate to what’s happening makes you stay glued to the drama. Dialogues are one of the major highlights. Most of them are beautifully written a few are truly gems. I guess it will need a separate post to discuss the best dialogues of Meri Shehzadi.

The show is packed with an immensely talented star cast and it works in its favour. A character like Dania is something that falls into Urwa Hocane’s comfort zone. She has a personality that justifies the character and half of the task is done there. She is a skillful actor who knows how to adapt her characteristics and nuances. Urwa lives the layered character of Dania and never lets you think that she is acting while jumping from one shade to another. Ali Rehman, so far lends a decent performance. His character is such that will make viewers appreciate him. Qavi Khan is excellent. Shabbir Jaan doesn’t get much scope. Atiqa Odho is decent.

Final Word

Meri Shehzadi is a dazzling massy fare that works due to the strong writing, unpredictable moments and most importantly Urwa Hocane’s outstanding performance. Highly Recommended!

Note: This review is based on the first 4 episodes of Meri Shehzadi. Watch this space for more reviews.

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