Mere Humnasheen: Ahsan Khan’s Darakhzai Act was the Biggest Highlight of the Show

Ahsan Khan

7th Sky Entertainment’s Mere Humnasheen starring Ahsan Khan, Hiba Bukhari, Shehzad Sheikh and Syed Jibran is amongst the most popular television shows being aired currently. The drama serial has fetched huge TRPs and YouTube views for its unique content praised by viewers and critics alike. Directed by Ali Faizan and penned by Misbah Ali Syed, undoubtedly the star of the show is Ahsan Khan aka Darakhzai who is receiving unanimous applause for his class act.

High Octane Strong Episodes

 Mere Humasheen’s latest episodes shook the nation with Darakhzai’s sudden demise. The episodes had jaw-dropping moments, emotions, and grief. Did you know? The entire wedding sequence was shot in a house in Karachi. Cut to the next scene the camera opens in Swat when Khajista opens the door to see Darakhzai. The entire wedding sequence was very well shot and executed. The group of women perfectly dressed up according to the wedding traditions. Full marks to the director for wrapping up such wholesome and important scenes with great momentum and most importantly without a drag.

Was Darakhzai’s Death The Right Move?

Fans all across are having a difficult time digesting this big shock. However, in an exclusive conversation with an entertainment portal, Ahsan Khan shared his views about his character’s death. He said, “When I read the script and signed the play, I thought that the ending was completely appropriate. Darakhzai had been tough on Khajista and it seemed to me that even later, when he develops a soft corner for her, it is because he selfishly wants her to come back and marry him. I didn’t know that the character would eventually come to life the way it did. Credit goes to the writer Ali Faizan for creating Darakhzai in a certain way and then, I gave my own input, giving Darakhzai a certain intensity, figuring out the way he spoke, his body language.”

Ahsan Khan’s Career Best Performance

After giving memorable characters like Imtiaz Sheikh from Udaari, Taha Abul Ala from Alif, Rashid from Qayamat, Ahsan Khan has scaled woozy altitudes. Let me affirm, the gifted actor delivers a performance that’s at par with his former accomplishments. He arrives with yet another enlivening, commanding character in Mere Humnasheen. His portrayal of a hot-blooded Pathan with a soft heart won laurels by assessors and viewers uniformly. This is indeed Khan’s most eye-catching act. His body language, his confidence, his vulnerability, his accent, his fury, and his emotions, all fall upon wonderfully.

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