‘Mere Ho Jao’ Is A Beautiful Amalgamation Of The Familiar And The Fresh!

Viewers rooting for cross border artists to collaborate can take a sigh of relief. Project 91 and Saaz Nawaz Entertainment bring Kinza Hashmi and Indian actor Karan Wahi together in music video ‘Mere Ho Jao’.The motto of this collaboration is to produce diverse and creative content.

Crooned by the maestro of music Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and penned by Mani Manjot. ‘Mere Ho Jao’ narrates the story of two love birds that face peer and society pressure and are separated. However they are later united by destiny. The deft directions by Amanninder Singh showcases the stunning beauty of Dubai sand dunes. The lively settings, rich hues gives us more of a cinematic feel.

The YouTube description of the music video reads: “Mere Ho Jao is not just a song; it is a powerful testament to the boundless strength of love. It spreads a profound message that love knows no boundaries and has the power to conquer all obstacles, serving as an inspiration for viewers to embrace love and let it guide their way.”  

The crackling chemistry between the protagonist is seen to be believed. Kinza looks beautiful, her make and expression are on point. Karan Wahi who rose to fame in India with popular TV series ‘Dill Mill Gaye’  perfectly executes the pain and plight of being in love.

Social media and fans went gaga after watching ‘Mere Ho Jao’. They were surprised by the electrifying chemistry between Karan and Kinza and heaped praises in abundance.

For the unversed Project 91 is a global music project, launched in Dubai. They  aim to release 91 songs in the next 2-3 years. It’s goal is to unite global stars from various countries to push the envelope in the field of art and music.

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