Nepotism Rocks! Meesha Shafi defends brother Faris Shafi over ‘elite rappers’ row on Twitter

Meesha Shafi

Author and sociologist Nida Kirmani shared her two cents on privilege and rap on Twitter that did not sit well. She referred Faris Shafi as an ‘elite‘ rapper a genre used to voice the plight of the underprivileged.

Nida Kirmani wrote about how “class and ethnic privilege effects every field in Pakistan“.


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She continued her thoughts in the thread and said that Faris’ rap “may be entertaining but only reinforces this”. According to Nida Kirmani, rap is an art form of the marginalised,

“adopted and transformed by folks from the inner city”.


Kirmani’s comments prompted singer Meesha Shafi to jump in and defend her brother, Faris. She called Kirmani’s take “flat and problematic”, taking offense to the allegation of being elite.


“Faris and I were raised by an extremely hard working, very financially stressed single mother. We do not come from money.”


The singer also wondered if Nida Kirmani was suggesting that the Shafi siblings should “should step aside from our merits and talent and go do something else?”


In a separate tweet, Meesha Shafi also took a jibe at Nida Kirmani, who teaches at LUMS. “The elite should only be allowed to teach at universities and educate other elites. How dare they appear on Coke Studio.” When a user also shared that they did not even know Meesha and Faris were related, the Boom Boom singer assured, “Lots and lots of people don’t know this because we were taught to rely on merit instead of ‘connections’ to open doors. There is no nepotism here.”


What do you think guys? Talent or Nepotism? Let us know in the comment section


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