Mashion’s ‘Mashaadi’ Depicts A Bitter Truth Hidden in Plain Sight

Last year, we saw a glimpse of Shehreyar Munawar’s directing talent in the short film ‘Prince Charming’ featuring Mahira Khan. In 2022,Shehreyar has teamed up yet again with Mahira for Mashion’s project ‘Mashaadi’. Written and directed by Munawar, Mashaadi aims to raise awareness about domestic abuse, something far too prevalent in the world today.  Before we start, let us bring a fact to your knowledge. Did you know, according to Pakistan’s democratic and health survey, more than 1 in 4 ever-married women, have experienced physical violence since the age of 15.



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What’s Mashaadi all about?

The video opens with an act of abuse of a doomed relationship. Cut to the next scene, a lavish wedding sequence takes place. The stage is set and the groom (Sikandar Rizvi) has arrived. The bride (Mahira Khan) is dressed up gorgeously pretending to be happy, hiding a Tsunami of emotions, and hesitates to reveal the truth. She finally decides to leave an abusive relationship and her mother (Huma Nawab) raises the concern ‘Log Kya Kahein Gey’. However, the crux of Mashaadi is courage, calling out abuse, getting help, and not being ashamed of it. That’s where the father (Behroze Sabzwari) supports his daughter’s decision as he hears her story.

In the Words of Mashion

The Instagram post on Mashion’s official Instagram handle gives a detailed insight about the crux. It reads, “This year we are treading deeper and saying things that we at Mashion believe matter. Mashaadi, when the idea came about, we just wanted to have some fun. Put out guides and information, which were wedding related. But within the first year it evolved into something more than celebrating a wedding. It has become about celebrating choice, celebrating courage and life.”



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Netizens Heap Praises

Netizens loved the idea and praised everyone associated with it for bringing forward such a masterpiece aesthetically.

Final Word

Shehreyar Munwar yet again succeeds as a director in exploring the sole purpose of Mashaadi. Short, crisp, and to the point, he along with the entire cast and crew puts up a great show.

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