‘Mann Ranjhan’ From Babylicious Hooks You On Instantaneously

Babylicious seems to be another innocent love story in the offering sans any unnecessary mush, hence going truly with contemporary times. With pretty girl Syra Yousif opposite Shahroz Sabzwari, the film seems to be a promising flick arriving this Valentine’s day. Does the music hold up to the promise? The answer is – Yes!

First things first, when the best of the best of 2023 would be written down, the track ‘Mann Ranjhan’ would definitely find a mention. Crooned by Nauman Shafi and Rahma Abid Ali ‘Mann Ranjhan’ is beautiful from the word GO, the moment guitar strings mark the song’s beginning. A lighthearted love story demands a similar treatment for its music. Composer Adrian David Emmanuel rightfully excludes his grandeur here and sticks to cheery melodic compositions without compromising his genius. Mann Ranjhan comes in like a fresh breeze from his bag of tricks.

Mann Ranjhan is so beautiful, so enchanting you are lost for words to describe it, a song so touching, so meaningful, and so personable. Melodically soft throughout with a solid base of guitar riffs underneath a layer of catchy flute, the composer weaves his magic throughout via subtle changes. While Shakeel Sohail’s lyrics go truly with contemporary times, Emmanuel’s treatment here is aligned with his music for the youth.

The leading lady Yousuf took to Instagram to share this romantic ballad. “Turn up the volume and lose yourself to Mann Ranjhan,” wrote the Chalay Thay Sath actor, also asking her followers to listen to the full song on YouTube.

Shahroz Sabzwari in a video revealed that it was Mann Ranjhan that made Yousuf say yes to the film as it reminded her of the old-school romantic charm. “I still remember that Syra wasn’t finalized for the movie back then. She wasn’t sure of her character but after listening to this song, she said, ‘I don’t care whatever the character is, I want to do this movie’.”

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