‘Man With A Golden Heart’ Sami Khan Leaves Behind Cheap Talk Show Gimmicks And Moves On!

Sami Khan

Crossing the line in the name of entertainment seems to be the new normal on TV. Actor Sami Khan became the recent victim of sheer insensitivity and unprofessionalism on Fahad Mustafa’s talk show The Fourth Umpire.

What Happened?

Sami Khan along with Momal Sheik appeared as guests on the PSL8 special show. The show was entertaining with fun and games until Khan was targeted and bombarded with some weird questions and allegations. 

Video Source: Galaxy Lollywood

Sheikh Qasim, a well-known comedian, and host insulted Khan about his movies not working at the box office, to which he defended himself that Salakhein and Wrong No 2 were commercial successes. Qasim also pointed out that he gave director Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar a super flop like Kaaf Kangana and attributed the failure to Khan. That’s not all. He further advises Khan to do supporting roles instead of lead roles.    

Sami Khan Breaks Silence

Khan finally released a statement on the matter, saying he was hurt at first but has decided to trust in God. He addressed the situation on Twitter and said, “Thanks to all my friends, fans and family for your love and support, [and] for all the posts and private messages, it means a lot to me. Patience is hard but it makes your belief stronger,” he wrote, quoting something in Arabic that translates to “God honours those He wants and He humiliates those He wants”.

“I was upset and hurt, not only because of what I went through but because of what my family had to go through, so I prayed and left everything to Allah,” he continued. “Our success and failure is in the hands of ALLAH, not people. If HE is with you, no one can harm you. ALLAH is with me.”

The actor said that he would like to move on and not discuss it any further because he does not deem it worthy of importance. He expressed gratitude for his fans one last time. “Thank you so much once again for the love and support! Love you all,” he concluded. 

Industry Support

Stars who have worked with Sami came out in support of Khan and called out Sheikh Qasim and Fahad Mustafa for allowing such an insulting situation to occur on national television in the first place. After a clip of the same surfaced online, several actors like Ayesha Omar, Ayesha Malik, Armeena Rana Khan, Muneeb Butt, Sadia Khan, came to his defense. 

Sami Khan

Final Word

The Fourth Umpire seems as a smear camping to defame Sami Khan. What comes across as highly shocking is the casual behavior of host Fahad Mustafa. Didn’t he feel the need of putting an end to the never-ending series of insults? What a pity, what a shame! Getting personal and that too with a guest on the show just to gain TRPs and YouTube views? Sheikh Qasim and Fahad Mustafa your hospitality are surely in bad taste.    

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