Make A Fresh Start This Summer With ‘Alkaram’s Spring / Summer ‘22 Unstitched Collection’

Summer is approaching and so is the lawn season. Over the years ‘Lawn’ has become a trendsetter amongst the masses and classes both. Vibrant brand catalogs with exquisite imagery on social media aim to initiate a nationwide sartorial change. And we are all for it.

One of the strongest players in the industry Alkaram Studio is ready for a fresh start with its Spring/Summer ‘22 unstitched collection. The collections depict the essence of spring, with edgy and experiential designs that has mass-friendly affordability too. An offering that brims with the promise of a new beginning through every print, fabric, and color.

We came across this very interesting poem in the catalog that caught our attention, it read, ‘We begin anew. a fresh start. a clean slate. an open canvas, ready to be filled. with splashes of color, each linked to an experience. an exploration of the here and now. new sunrises and sunsets to be witnessed. fresh blooms of spring to be savored. the first of summer rain to be relished. every occurrence that melds together to create a kaleidoscope of color, brilliant in its beauty.’

 ‘Everything is fine when there is sunshine’ is the inspiration behind the collection and it’s unapologetically feminine. Gorgeous prints, intricate embroideries, and vibrant colors create timeless looks that will stay refreshing all season – a collection for modern women.

The new collection has an innate sense of peace in adhering to tradition. Additionally, there is reassurance in preserving a design ethos that brings to the fore, timeless beauty and elegance. Alkaram’s time-honored Classic Line celebrates this ethos by curating excellence through substance and glamour infused into Spring/Summer ‘22 unstitched collection, this one embodies sunshine and good vibes.

The Spring/Summer ‘22 unstitched collection is a nod to Alkaram Studio’s creative genius as it continues to redefine Pakistani style by offering more quality with each collection that is extremely affordable, making fashion accessible to everyone.



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