Ali Azmat’s absurd comments on Madam Noor Jehan aren’t sitting well with the internet

Noor Jehan

In an interview given to a legal online portal in Pakistan, Pakistani pop star Ali Azmat shared some shocking, sexist views on women, society and Pakistani culture. The session was moderated by Lawyer Ahmed Pansota.

Azmat upset many people by making demeaning remarks on Malika-e-Tarannum Noor Jehan’ s appearance. He recalled an account from the eyes of his much younger self who would get irritated turning on the TV and watching this “mai” (elderly woman) with her “full saari, huge earrings and face overdone with makeup” show up looking like a “kofta” (meatball).

Not just that, his absurd outbursts accepted the presence of the MTV culture, a welcoming change which he demonstrated with a hugging motion – seem ‘reasonable‘. The Junoon singer claimed that his own culture was not providing anything other than this “mai”, so making the other culture a norm became inevitable.


Fans on Twitter expressed their disappointment with Noor Jehan receiving disrespect instead of recognition for her work.


Just today, a survey revealed that almost 80 percent of women don’t feel safe in Pakistan. Are you surprised?




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