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Pakistan’s iconic fashion label  Lajwanti  completes 25 years in the business.

The brand over the years believes in nurturing the classic feminine form through a traditional lens in a progressively modern world. As a pioneer Fashion brand, over the years their aim lies in to encourage our clients to find themselves in our wide spectrum of high-end garments.


Under the Artistic Direction of our CEO, Ana Ali, Lajwanti is known for its unique craftsmanship, luxe wardrobe, refined lines and cultural silhouettes. She breathed life into her brand before her wedding when she created a garment for her big day, which forever redefined bridal-couture in Pakistan through ornamentations atop detailed narratives that paid homage to the picturesque Mughal era.

Mughal era


36 panels of cloth were reduced down to 16 as the arches had to be aligned perfectly. The underlying colour of the bridal was olive green, which was then contrasted with blood red, which was further accentuated by a multitude of colour schemes with one motif at a time, which includes Mughal frescos, geometry, architectural influence and Persian motifs. The dupatta was an ode to the jaals found in Mughal architecture.



The bridal took approximately 8 months to be birthed in all its glory. If you’re familiar with minute detailing in South Asian fashion, you’d know that the 26 number single thread, reshum work in kora dabka is the finest, most delicate means of embroidery work, the kind that was used in the pre-partition era.


From there on the brand materialized as a studio in Pearl continental Lahore and garnered tremendous national acclaim and not long after, made international headlines through successful fashion shows exhibited in Paris, New York & London.


Her recent collection ‘Bindiya’ pays homage to the Mughals and their royal opulence. But most of all, Bindiya represents our legacy, it’s Lajwanti’s very first bridal ensemble that brought about the dawning of the age of 25 years ago. By employing techniques of design from the old world to put together an ensemble Lajwanti remains true to both their values and the revival of heritage in every sense of the word.

Lajwanti Lajwanti

It is a testament to a 150-year-old heirloom bridal, let’s marvel in Lajwanti’s very first bridal ensemble, birthed in 1995 by Ana Ali for her wedding, resurfaced by her daughter Dania Ali 25 years later to be captured in our latest campaign titled ‘1554’ and presented to the world as the core inspiration behind the brand. Bindiya is a labor of love, well preserved and in pristine condition.



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Lajwanti ensure the continuous development and consolidation at a global scale, well-coordinated management policies are set, which combine the strategic vision of the headquarters in Lahore, Pakistan with a widespread presence across the world.


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