Our Masters, Our Army: Ali Xeeshan’s ‘Ladies Master’ Celebrates People behind the Curtains

Quirky and eccentric, Ali Xeeshan lives and breathes grandeur. He is one of the most powerful, bold and talented fashion designers prominent all around the world due to his amazing creations for men and women. But don’t let his deep eyes fool you, for, in reality, he is one of the most vibrant people in the industry. Be it his dancing fiasco or his romantic bridal wear and couture quickly caught on, Ali never misses a chance to leave us all amazed.

This year Ali Xeeshan presents the biggest Wedding Couture Collection ‘21 ‘Ladies Master’.




Ladies Master

Our Masters, Our Army the collection is dedicated to the force working behind the curtain because it’s not just about cutting or stitching rather providing the labor of love. It is dedicated to the theater studio ‘Master Aslam’ who passed away in 2020 due to Covid. His hard work and dedication laid a strong foundation for the Studio.

Ladies Master

At first, Xeeshan shared the exciting teasers and wrote on Instagram, “Unfolding the pursuit of Happiness, the Biggest Wedding Collection of the year.”

Ladies Master

The vibrant hues and timeless details have that perfect finesse that has always been synonymous with the brand ‘Ali Xeeshan’. He chooses luxurious fabrics and silhouettes that look effortlessly flattering on South Asian Women. The designing of these pieces, embellishments are a juxtaposition of intricate embroidery that are hand-crafted to perfection. Hence, every piece is extremely special and made with love, for love.

Ladies Master


The collection features new rich fabrics and embellishment techniques by combining florals with vibrant hues that are soulful coming together of intricate craftsmanship and finesses. It calls for grandeur, regality, and celebrations as the festive season comes around.

Ladies Master


‘Ladies Master’ offers 22 products, Dehleez, Echo, Pari, Truffle, Exquisite Torture, Darga, Jaanem, Lattu, Chulbul, Pink Lotus, Mirchi, Ranisab, Jhoom, Mastani, Sheen, Black Greed, Red Greed, Savanna, Rustic, Ruby, Passion, and Rum.

Ladies Master Ladies Master Ladies Master


‘Ladies Master’ was launched live with a first-ever Insta Show. Check out the collection and tell us about your views about the collection.

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