Laapata : Will it be apt to call Mirza Gohar Rasheed the new method actor?


With HUM TV choosing to stay away from formulaic storytelling, some talented actors are also breaking the clutter by doing sensible roles like in Laapata. Resultantly we are now seeing a new version of stardom not hungry for TRP’s but content. Mirza Gohar Rasheed is one such name who has delighted us with his choice of unusual roles and proved that a dynamic story combined with some impressive acting is what the viewers wants to see.


Gohar – The Actor with a Midas Touch


Gohar comes across as so natural, and so unaffected by the industry, which makes him refreshing. His recent outing Laapata not just makes important points about domestic abuse and harassment prevalent in the society, but also gives him enough room to be a creepy protagonist with reasons. What makes Laapata even more important is that it is arguably the first mainstream drama where a wife slaps back the husband in return.


Why was Episode 12 of Laapata the talk of the town?


Referring to this scene, in particular, where Daniyal (Gohar) slaps his wife Falak (Sarah Khan) for cheating on him. She slaps him back with a warning to break his hands if he’ll think of doing it again.



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What made Gohar to portray a complex character like ‘Daniyal’?


He tells fans in an elaborate Instagram post that read, “I hate the display of physical abuse on television. This is why I have always refrained from doing it in at least my own characters. It’s unfortunate but it has been done so frequently on our television that it’s almost become a subconscious reality for us.”


He further added: “Apparently, physically abusing women is “fine” and any misogynistic, spineless man can get away with it, just like Daniyal thought in yesterday’s episode of Laapata. It may sound strange but The Thappad scene was the only reason as to why I took up the character of Daniyal.”



Concluding the note, he said, “To prove that oppression is a choice. If any insecure man with his fragile ego tries his so called muscles on you, make the choice that Falak did, without any fear! One tight slap back from a brave woman to such weak man in our society would be a giant leap for women kind. “Girls like Falak rock. Men like Daniyal shock,”



Final Word


With the democratization of content and the emergence of new-age production houses, it’s clear that the audience doesn’t want something vanilla anymore. Dramas, can’t just focus on being aspirational, the makers should look forward to bank high on realism that truly resonate with the audience.


Laapata airs every Wednesday and Thursday on HUM TV.


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