Fashion Times takes a Tour of Khaadi’s Newly Launched Store at Dolmen City Mall Karachi!

Khaadi Store

Khaadi and its team have come up with a game-changing experience of customer and retail shopping in high street fashion. The brand gets wild about their customers with the launch of their glorious and huge new Khaadi Store at Dolmen City Mall, Karachi.

Khaadi Store

The store is termed as ‘Khaadi Experience Hub’ and spells luxury with pret, unstitched fabrics, ready to wear, new stock and variations of accessories.  Shamoon Sultan’s modern sensibilities creates a whole new world of refined luxury. The all-in-one fashion destination store not just reflects Sultan’s vision for younger minds but also his passion for Pakistani craftsmanship.

Khaadi Store

The decor is contemporary, and the gamut of colors adds an aura of elegance and encapsulates the mesmerizing charm of the brand’s signature style. The store’s lavish grandeur offers an Instagram corner, selfie booths, and much more that you’ll be tired of clicking. What’s refreshing is the gift wrapping corner and a Khaadi café that serves delicious coffee.


The brand worked months, weeks, days, and nights to bring us the Khaadi Experience Hub. Have a look at the BTS of how it came all together.


At the launch of the store celebrities like, Hassan Rizvi, Tapu Javeri, Faiza Saleem, Anoushey Ashraf, Dino Ali, Mohsin Ali Tawasuli, Zara Peerzada and many more graced the store. Take a look…

Khaadi Store Khaadi Store Khaadi Store Khaadi Store Khaadi Store Khaadi Store Khaadi Store


At Khaadi women embark on a journey that engages with the brand philosophy. Khaadi is a balance of modernity and tradition. Modernity comes through uniqueness and a variety of designs and patterns. It frees women to choose a style that reflects their individuality, giving them the confidence to express a different side of their personality through their fashion choices. In October, Khaadi revamped its logo and urged consumers to be yourself, wear yourself and express yourself.


So, what are you waiting for? Experience Khaadi in a New and Exclusive Light


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