Keep the Parizaad Comparisons Aside and Watch ‘Bakhtawar’ for Yumna Zaidi’s Flawless Performance

Ever since Yumna Zaidi starrer Bakhtawar went on air, Twitter and netizens started drawing comparisons with Ahmed Ali Akbar’s Parizaad. Bakhtawar’s plot, the struggle and journey, and the narrative revolving around the protagonist has striking similarities with Parizaad. To some extent, maybe yes; but for the unversed Bakhtawar is a true story. Yes! You heard it right. Read on…

Based on a Real-Life character

All the Bakhtawar vs Parizaad speculations should come to an end as Bakhtawar is the real story of Farheen Ishtiaq Naqvi, living in Lahore for the last eight years. She pretends to be a man to feed her only daughter and to protect her from the evil and misogynist society.  From working as a cashier at a pizza outlet to driving Uber, Naqvi works very hard to make ends meet.


The Fire Cracker Third Episode

Right from the first episode, Bakhtawar is a fast past drama that leaves viewers on a cliffhanger note. Just when you think of what will happen next, Bakhtawar surprises you with yet another twist that helps in taking the narrative forward.  Director (Shahid Shafaat) deserves brownie points for creating a unique world and one can see that a lot of effort and hard work has gone into depicting the authenticity. The third episode was an absolute fire cracker and trended #1 on YouTube.


The Adorable Yumna As Bakhtawar and Bakhto

Yumna Zaidi has made a habit of delivering hits. She has given several outstanding performances in the past but this one is among her best. As Bakhtawar she is the soul of the enterprise. She excels in portraying the right kind of innocence required for this part. For instance, in the scene in which she meets the landlord as Bakhto, just watch her postures, gestures, and the gamut of expressions she emotes as a boy. Her performance is first-rate and the switch-on and switch-off mode of emotions, she brings to the table have to be seen to be believed.


Final Word

All said and done, get over the Parizaad comparisons and savor Bakhtawar and most importantly Yumna’s flawless performance. Bakhtawar airs every Sunday, 8:00 PM only on HUM TV.

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