“Kaptaan, Standing With You Always & Forever”: Maya Ali, Bilal Ashraf, Khadijah Shah, and Others Show Support To Imran Khan!

Imran Khan

Chairman PTI Imran Khan faces is currently facing allegations of illegally selling gifts given to him by foreign dignitaries while he was in office, which he has rejected as “biased.” Lahore Police has been attempting to arrest Khan from his Zaman Park residence for not showing up to court on corruption charges. Pakistan police and supporters of the former Prime Minister continued to clash as he remained holed up in his residence ahead of his possible arrest.

Celebrities are coming forward to support Imran Khan amid the ongoing uproar surrounding the arrest. 

Muneeb Butt expressed his disappointment and wrote, “Imran khan’s Arrest today! Blatant fascism at its peak.”

Farhan Saeed wrote, “What’s happening at #Zamanpark is disgusting, embarrassing and dangerous.”

Mahira Khan re-tweeted a heart-wrenching video that looks like a battlefield where rangers allegedly fired at unarmed citizens at Zaman Park. She tweeted, “This is absolutely ridiculous! Praying for everyone’s safety and for some sanity to prevail!”

Adnan Siddiqui commented, “It’s incredible to witness people from all walks of life coming together with a shared sense of purpose, fuelled by their passion and dedication. Such an outpouring of support for a leader is unprecedented in the history of our country.”

The Bin Roye actress Armeena Khan is always vocal in voicing her strong opinion and wrote on the micro-blogging site, “Threatening to arrest leaders because they are politicking (same as the opposition) reeks of hypocrisy.” She added, “Please hold a general election so the public can decide for themselves. Otherwise, there’s a name for forced leadership and we all know what that is.”

Actor Bilal Ashraf posted horrific pictures from Zaman Park to write, “Appalling and disgusting behavior. Incompetence at its peak. You are only making matters worse. Is this how you treat your citizens? Older people, women and children. Pathetic.”

Singer and actor Haroon Shahid added, “The shelling didn’t work, they’re all set to try the bullets! Catastrophe loading.”

Asim Azhar, too, tweeted, “Arresting or hurting a leader like Imran Khan will do nothing but [prompt] a civil war and harm the country. The establishment should be smart enough to avoid this and respectfully hold elections. Vote se naa darain (Don’t be afraid of votes).”

Singer Annie Khalid tweeted, “What is happening today is Jihad. Sitting in London I wish I wish I wish I could be there tonight standing with my people- to protect my leader. I salute this nation; you are all heroes! Jinnah’s Pakistan.”

Khadijah Shah, the owner of Elan visited the site to help the protestors. She tweeted, “We took water and medicines for the heroes on the frontline – they are being shelled from the upper mall and need lots of water, you can hardly breathe the air is thick with tear gas – people keep going and distributing water, masks and Ventolin inhalers.”

Actor Maya Ali also wrote on her Insta Story, “Kaptaan, standing with you always and forever. May [God] protect you.”

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