Kamli (Review): This Absolute Masterpiece Deserves Your Money. Go Book Your Tickets

Film: Kamli

Release Date: 3rd June 2022

Director: Sarmad Sultan Khoosat

Review by: Ozair Majeed


The best decision I’ve made recently is to go watch this absolute masterpiece with no prior preparation. I went in blind, and I had the time of my life.

Go watch ‘Kamli’ Don’t stream interviews, don’t search for photos, and don’t even watch the trailer above (clickbait, we know).


I won’t tell you what this absolute masterpiece is about. Instead, I am going to make the case that what it’s about matters far less than all the other reasons why you should watch it on June 3. ‘Kamli’ deserves your money.

Instead of giving you several paragraphs’ worth of gushing, I’m going to go against my very nature and try to be brief.

Here’s why you should buy a ticket for ‘Kamli’ today

Sarmad Khoosat is a genius. After watching ‘Kamli’, you’ll marvel at this man’s direction. The plot, execution, and how he satisfies the cinematic cravings of the audience is stupendous.

The film is adapted from an original story by Meher Bano. The screenplay by Fatimah Sattar will allow you to indulge yourself in the story to such a degree that time becomes a concept that has no place in your life. There are thrills, chills, and excellent music.

Speaking of which: The music. Oh, the music! Saad Sultan delivers his best work to date. Special shout to the late Reshma Jee’s vocals that is one of the many easter eggs scattered in the music album.

Besides the music, the stellar cast is one of the biggest strengths of ‘Kamli’

Sania Saeed, an example of a casting genius, shines in a role that was made for her.

Omair Rana and Nimra Bucha are as essential to the fabric of the story.

Debutant Hamza Khawaja is killing the game with his raw looks and intriguing presence. He plays an important role with effortless ease.

However, there is one giant in this cast – one performance that is so good that appropriate adjectives are hard to summon. Saba Qamar, outdoes herself, her skills are unmatched, and she uses every tool in her arsenal to turn in one of the best performances by an actor I’ve seen, ever. Her performance is one of the most complex, intricate, and nuanced efforts by any actor in recent years. The many layers to her character and variety in her acting, is simply unbelievable.

All of this will make more sense after you’ve watched ‘Kamli’ but watching Saba Qamar as Hinacan best be described as having a chilled glass of Pina colada in scorching heat.

All of these elements come together to mesmerize you, and show you just how much potential a Pakistani film has, in terms of storytelling.

There, gushing concluded. Go book your tickets!

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