Desperate For Ratings? Juggan Kazim Faces Backlash Over Vulgar Gimmicks At Morning Show

Juggan Kazim

Morning transmissions were once a staple source of entertainment in Pakistan. Their basic motto was infotainment, edutainment and entertainment. Unfortunately, that era has ended and never seems to come back again. We are now bombarded with cheap and horrible content by channels today which isn’t doing any good for the citizens of Pakistan.


Recently, Netizens called out ‘Morning with Juggan Kazim’ for displaying obscene content. The show aired recently and trended top in Pakistan with the hashtag #BoycottMorningWith Juggan Kazim


Content to be Questioned


Social media stars ‘Tik Tokers’ were the guest on Juggan Kazim’s show. The contestants were given some fun games to play; however, one segment in the show raised millions of eyebrows when the male contestants had to eat an apple with their hands tied. The female partners had to support them by adjusting the apple on their foreheads


(Ewwwww) we can’t explain it verbally any further, watch it yourself.



Who is to be blamed?


Is waking up early the only job credential required for a morning show host? Well, it certainly looks so. Coming to the show, putting up nice makeup, flaunting a designer joda and getting last-minute content brief by the team is sadly the true representation of a morning show host today.




This isn’t the first time that we see such cheap gimmicks displayed on national TV. There have been other shows which we won’t be naming otherwise their entire fan pages will start targeting us. It’s high time that channels should open their eyes and bring back the lost novelty of morning shows.

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